Hey hey hey! I hope you’re a fellow foodie like me or just interested in Boston’s North End, because besides Emmanuel College, it’s my favorite part of the city, with Newbury and Boylston St coming in a close second (I love to shop).

Well, since this is an about page, I guess I’ll give you guys some background. I’m Mackenzie. Originally from Dover, NH, I toured Emmanuel my junior year of high school and fell in love. Now I tell my story of the love affair every Thursday to everyone I give tour to. (Catch me in a blue polo @ 1:30). So this whole quest thing started the day my dad and I first toured Emmanuel. I had been to the North End a few times, but not a bunch. My dad, however, has always loved the North End since moving to New Hampshire as a teen. As we went through the college search process, which mainly was centered in the Boston Area, my dad and I always finished the day with a trip to the North End. I knew I would be going to college in Boston, so we made a pact to try every North End restaurant by the time I graduate (May 2018). We have a little catching up to do as after my freshman year we had about 10 done, and then I decided to study abroad in Florence. Florence set us back aways, but now we are growing stronger than ever, and I’m sure that we will accomplish the goal by the time I am walking across the stage at graduation.

So that’s me, kinda, in a nutshell.

Thanks for reading, and please please please share your thoughts and this blog!

Thanks for visiting my site and be sure to share! I love doing this as a hobby…but secretly (not so secret now hehe) would love to be asked to a restaurant to blog about it. Help this girl’s dreams come true 😉

Ciao bellas! xoxo