Antico Forno

93 Salem Street

Boston, MA 02113

February 5, 2013

The day I toured Emmanuel for the first time and fell in love!!

This place was beautful from the outside, with floor to ceiling windows that open up in the summer. We looked at the menu and stepped in. Smelt the aromas and were hooked!

I ordered the Margherita Pizza, and as you can see in the picture was very happy to dig in! It was delicious!!! Brick over pizza that bursted with flavor and amazing sauce!! I was extremely pleased, and with the price (only $10 for lunch!) I’m sure my dad was also quite happy 😉 . I would order this again if I come back…which might have to be in a few years!

My dad ordered Fettuccini Alla Bolognese ($12 for lunch), which he loves to order by the way, and loved the flavor. He just wished that it was a larger portion because he left the place with room in his stomach (I did not…I left extremely full). He would definitely come back, but possibly order an appetizer or salad.

Oh, how could I forget about the bread?? It was so cute in the little basket (in the top right corner of the picture) with the dipping oil. I was definitely a fan (I LOVE BREAD AND DIPPING OIL). The bread was hot and super soft, in other words, perfect.

Antico Forno, and of course a trip to Bova’s Bakery afterwards capped off an amazing day, that little did I know, would influence the rest of my future (oh my!). I found my dream school, had a fab lunch, and got a cannoli for home–how do you beat that? You don’t!!

UPDATE: My sister Logan and I went during a Saturday night in March, and it again was great food. I ordered the vegetarian pizza and loved it. Also, after learning some italian in Florence, Antico Forno is translated to ancient oven!

Okay, so here are my scores:

Food : 3.75

Service : 3

Atmosphere : 3.5

Overall : 3.4


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