111 Salem Street

Boston MA 02113

Febuary 26, 2015

Man, I missed my mom and sister! (mostly mom though) So, I convinced them to give me a visit in good old Bahstan.

I took them on the T (which I am now a master of), and we walked to the North End (surprise, surprise) Benevento’s had been on my list of places to go to for a while. And while I normally go with my dad, I figured I would give Logan and my mom a chance to shine in the lime light. LOL, its not like I have many viewers anyway. Okay, so Benevento’s.

I was craving pizza like it was my job, and Benevento’s is rated like one of the best brick oven pizzas in the north no brainer, thats where I decided we were going. ( I didn’t care what their opinions were).

On to the food: we were served bread with oil…and mom had it with butter. (I’m a little embarrassed to be honest, but I still love her) and we ordered. I ordered the Ben Cotto Pizza ($12), which was a pizza with tomato sauce, oregano, Pecorino Romano cheese, garlic,  and extra virgin olive oil cooked in their brick oven pizza. They promise it will be cooked to perfection, and man do they ever! I ordered the personal pizza size, and ate about half and took the rest home.

My mom ordered the Margherita pizza ($12), which was also fantastic. It was with diced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, garlic, basil and EVOO. I tried a slice and it was great, and she loved it as well. She also got the personal size and was nice enough to give me her leftovers. (YUM!)

Logan didn’t stick with the pizza theme. Instead, she got Linguine ala Vongole. It was fresh whole clam necks, chopped clams and garlic simmered in a red sauce over linguine. She loved it, and as usual, picked a seafood dishy that was the priciest on the menu. (Watch out boys)

The atmosphere: very modern, and kind of dark ( almost a little too dark?)I loved seeing the ovens, and when they brought out the pizza, they were put on the recycled tomato sauce cans. It was very cool, and I loved it!Very pretty inside.

To this day every time we are headed to the North End my mom asks if we can go to Benevento’s–the atmosphere and the food have made it one of her favorites by far. Maybe for her birthday. lawlz.


Food: 4.5

Atmosphere: 4.5

Service: 4.5

Overall: 4.5


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