141 Salem Street

 Boston, MA 02113

At the corner of Prince Street and Salem Street, and right across from my favorite bakery, Bova’s, Dino’s is a great place to go for a quick bite.

I went with my family: mom, dad, and sister, the day I toured both Northeastern and Tufts in Medford! It was fantastic!

Definitely not a typical sit-down restaurant in the North End…. its more like a sub shop in the way it works, but still totally a great place to go ( it was recommended by my dad’s good friend Dan Lauzon who works on the Amtrak and eats in the North End all the time…Dino’s is his go-to place!)

Anyway, back to the food! I ordered the cheese tortellini, but the restaurant is very typical traditional Italian, nothing too fancy…but it was AMAZING! The sauce is spectacular and the food is made super quick but does not lack quality. You can see them making it right in front of you while you can also look out the windows at the passerby’s of Salem and Prince St.

Logan, my sister ordered Chicken Alfredo, and was also extremely pleased. My mom has no memory so she can’t remember, and I don’t know either, and my dad ordered this, and loved it!!

My dad and Logan went to Dino’s again before Logan’s Regional swim meet in Rhode Island without me or my Mom  😦

They got subs and are convinced that it made Logan swim faster, so maybe they’re magical??

As you can see, this sub looks amazing, and I don’t like Italian subs, but I want to eat it right now!

And by the way, Logan’s wearing my swim sweat pants (what’s new), just thought I’d point that out for when my family reads this 0:)

Okay, so my scores for Dino’s

Food : 4.5

Service : 3

Atmosphere : 3

Overall: 3.5

And when you go to Dino’s look across the street at another hidden gem, Bova’s bakery! To die for!


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