Dolce Vita

221 Hanover Street

Boston, MA 02113

dolce vita
We were walking down Hanover Street and were ushered in by a guy standing outside the restaurant boasting that Dolce Vita was the best restaurant in the North End. We believed the guy (we shouldn’t have) and went in.I went to Dolce Vita with my dad after I toured U Mass Dartmouth (a.k.a the Concrete city they call a college) and after a day filled with disappointments, we thought a meal in the North End would make it better. Sadly we were mistaken.

We ordered our drinks, then bruschetta as an appetizer. Essentially it was cold diced tomatoes and onions on top of bread. It was okay at best.

For an entree I ordered Pollo Veridicchio. It was chicken sauteed with white wine, red peppers, olives, and artichokes. The red pepper took over all of the flavor, I don’t remember even eating an olive, and I couldn’t taste the artichokes. I was very disappointed with my meal; I forced myself to eat about half of it, and then covered it with my napkin.

My dad was also underwhelmed with his Fettucini Bolognese with Pappardelle pasta. If you ask him, it was a waste of $18.95.

Dolce Vita and U Mass Dartmouth were huge disappointments… the only good part of that October day was missing school!

Scores :

Food : 1

Service : 2

Atmosphere : 2

Overall : 1.6


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