La Famiglia Giorgio’s

112 Salem Street

Boston, MA 02113

Another family trip to Boston! With my second tour of Emmanuel completed, this time with my dad, mom, and sister in early July of 2013, we drove to the North End. After researching online, looking at menus, and going where it looked good, we decided on La Famiglia Giorgio’s on my favorite street in the North End, Salem Street. The reviews online did not do this restaurant justice–it surpassed my expectations exponentially.

The food, man oh man was it delicious!!! Huge portions, amazing homemade sauce and ready pretty fast considering it was packed with people!

I ordered the  Chicken Parmesan Combo in the Carne section for dinner with fettuccine as my pasta. It was the first time I tried the eggplant and I was extremely satisfied with my choice. I ended up eating less than half of the meal (that’s how big it  is) and brought the rest home for leftovers…which still had flavor and were almost as good as at the restaurant. One of my top dishes I’ve ever experienced, I would definitely suggest to anyone to try it. Side note, my Uncle Tony loves veal and eggplant Parmesean, so when I go to dinner with them in the near future, I’m going to try to get him to try it, and I’ll make another post about it.

La Famiglia Giorgio’s has a page worth of different sauces to choose from and for only $3 you can get the fresh and homemade pasta added to any dish (sounds yummy to me!) One of the largest menus as well, at least that I’ve seen, and I wish I could order one of everything!!

My dad ordered the Marianna with Rigatoni from the sauce section, it had diced tomatoes, black olives, broccoli, artichoke hearts in a white wine chicken broth sauce. He thought it was “very good, but would definitely try something new. There were about 15 things I wanted to get, but I just ended up getting that” +Michael Gatos.

My mom, Rhonda, who wants to feel included, ordered the chicken and broccoli with alfredo sauce and ziti for pasta. She was very pleased with her meal.

Logan, my sister ordered Chicken Saltimbocca with tortellini. The Saltimbocca had chicken sauteed with mushrooms in a butter wine sage sauce topped with prosciutto and melted mozzarella. She loved her meal as well!

I would definitely go back to La Famiglia Giorgio’s if I had the chance, maybe when my Uncle Hal and Tony come to visit me in the fall!

Soooo UPDATE: I have been to La Famiglia Giorgio’s two times after this post was written (I know, rule breaker). Each time I have been pleased. I have gotten the IMG_1999chicken broccoli ziti as well as the eggplant roll up which I think may be one of my favorite dishes I have had so far in my quest. (That meal was on December 30, 2015!)


Scores :

Food : 4.25  5**** (after trying it three times, I’ve decided it deserves a of the best restaurants in the North End!)

Service : 3.75

Atmosphere : 3.5

Overall : 3.8


One thought on “La Famiglia Giorgio’s

  1. Dee Katz says:

    My husband and I have eaten there half a dozen times. We have always been happy with the food and brought home enough for a second meal. I rate it at a “5”, also

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