La Galleria 33

125 Salem Street

Boston, MA 02113

September 2012

Still one of my favorite restaurants in the North End, both food wise and aesthetically (they have the coolest lamps and chalkboard map of the North End, plus an open kitchen!!!)

The first time we went was for my 16th birthday (before the quest idea), and I ordered the chicken Alfredo (which is now off the menu but can be requested) and fell in love. That dish has been one of my all-time favorite dishes in my 17 years of life…

My dad ordered the Veal Paradiso, which he swears is in the top 5 best dishes he has ever had…so I would suggest trying it if you like veal! (He gets it every time we go, and normally he tries something new each time!)

The next time we went I ordered the Chicken Bona Boca, also to die for!!! Chicken with  spinach, prosciutto, mozzarella, mushrooms, and white wine with a side of pasta and marinara. It was filled with flavor and fantastic, my family tried it, loved it, and now we have it all the time (my dad is a great cook).

The third time I went (as you can tell my family and I love this place) I ordered the Chicken Ziti Brocoli with EVOO (one of my favorite all time dishes anytime) and was amazed. Packed with flavor, just the right amount of everything…PERFECT!

November 24, 2013

Last time I went there with my two uncles  (extremely picky eaters) and they LOVED it. One is Italian and a huge critic, and was amazed with his food, eggplant and veal Parmesan. We also ordered fried artichoke hearts, which were pretty good (i’m not the biggest fan of them to begin with) and bruschetta, which was also good, I just like my dad’s more. Anyway, the food was amazing, and I would definitely go back if I didn’t have a 100 other restaurants to try….but I definitely suggest La Galleria 33 if you love good Italian food and a great atmosphere!

with Lisa (one of the owners) and Pat, a long time worker and hilarious guy who gives the bread and water. If you watch the show with them on it, you’ll see more about them!

Uncle Hal, Uncle Tony, my sister Logan, and I experiencing Faneuil Hall with the Christmas lights! Definitely the best time to go down and see if you ask me!


Food : 4 stars

Service : 4 stars

Atmosphere 4 stars

Overall: 4 stars


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