Bricco Panetteria

My dad had seen a Chronicle episode a while ago about this panini/bread shop where the owner was originally from Italy and made his paninis from scratch. We have wanted to give it a try for forever, and finally went down the little alleyway next to Bricco on Hanover Street. I think I can quite literally call this place a ‘hidden gem’

First off, the bread is homemade, smells and tastes so wonderful and fresh and you can get a fresh baguette for $2. Yes, I said $2!!!!! This bakery also makes bread for surrounding restuarants, which I found to be super cool.

The little shop also has a bunch of fresh food: olives, cheeses, meats, calamari, homemade pasta, and more. It also a freezer stocked with homemade ravioli, tortellini and such…I will update you on how that is once my dad makes it for dinner.

We did not try the paninis as we had just gone to Ristorante Fiore, but I look forward to trying the caprese style one, along with buying some Olive Oil straight from Itlay and maybe some fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and another loaf of bread…bruschetta??

I might even have to get some of the homemade tomato sauce and ravioli while I’m there for an easy meal now that I have to cook for myself.

I’m looking forward to trying it, but in the mean time, I can assure you the bread is delicious!


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